Lindsay & Darren’s Church and State Winery Wedding // Victoria Wedding Photographer

When we met up with Lindsay and Darren for their engagement shoot this spring, we could tell their big day was going to be a special one.  Having brought along a few props to use during their engagement photos, it was clear that Lindsay and Darren not only had an eye for detail, but a knack for making details very personal.  When their big day arrived, that part of Lindsay and Darren’s personalities shone from start to finish; with how they prepared their day, their use of personal items, thoughtful tokens from and for their loved ones, personal typer-writer note cards, their unique vows, their sillyness, and how they hosted their friends and family.  They truly did everything they could to make sure their guests felt comfortable, welcome, and excited.  That’s what we think weddings are all about.

The morning of their wedding day, every shade of blue painted the horizon.  The sun peeked through the clouds, but the rain was threatening.  Little did anyone know, a record-breaking windstorm was headed our direction, and the power would go out at their ceremony and reception site at Church and State Winery.  By the time Lindsay and Darren were ready for their first look, the rain had started and the wind picked up.  The moment Darren turned around to see Lindsay, and both their faces lit up, everyone forgot about the weather.

That’s the beautiful thing about love, and about weddings.  It’s natural to fret a little about the skies beforehand, but when the day arrives, the weather pales in comparison to the moments you’ll share with the company you have.   Lindsay and Darren’s wedding was a perfect example of that.  You couldn’t hear the wind over laughter.  You couldn’t feel the rain amongst the warmth of friends. You didn’t notice the loss of electricity when you were surrounded by intimate candle light. Their day was truly spectacular!

Congratulations Lindsay and Darren. Thank you for having us there to photograph your day. “We’re so glad you chose us.” 😉

LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-1 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-6 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-8

LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-11 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-20

LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-23 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-26 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-28 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-29 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-30

LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-33 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-49 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-50 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-51 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-56 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-60

LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-62 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-66 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-67 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-76 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-84 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-137



LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-98 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-103 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-82

LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-113 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-117 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-119-124


It was so windy we just had to create this animated GIF of the wind playing with Lindsay’s beautiful Truvelle gown!

LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-132 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-133 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-141 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-159 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-172 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-173 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-176 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-218



LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-204 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-208 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-210 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-138


LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-213 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-215 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-234 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-246 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-249 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-265 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-268

LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-267 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-297 LindsayDarrenWeddingHighlights-300

Lindsay and Darren incorporated so many great, hard working local Vancouver wedding vendors, and Vancouver Island wedding vendors in their day, and we’d love to give a shout out to a bunch of them featured!
Venues: Church and State WineryWoodwynn Farms
Florist: Rook and Rose
Cake: Coastal Cake Company
Hair and Makeup: Ma-Luxe
Gown: Truvelle gown, from The White Peony
Jewellry: Catherine Hartley
Groomsmen Ties: Beauxties
Officiant: Bobbi Salkeld of ‘Young, Hip and Married’
Music: Cole Schmidt

Thanks so much for having a look at Lindsay and Darren’s Vancouver Island Wedding at Church and State Wines. If you’d like to see more of our photos, please visit our website, head back to our blog, follow us on Facebook, and check out our feed on Instagram.


3 thoughts on “Lindsay & Darren’s Church and State Winery Wedding // Victoria Wedding Photographer

  1. I loved looking through these photos! Lindsay’s sweet spirit was captured so perfectly..and I know that in her choice of partner and love..he’s a gem, too. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post, Pebble and Pine!

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